The past isn’t dead — it’s all around us, found in regular, everyday places. You just need to know where to look.

With a crew gathered from coastal towns in New England, we take history out of the library and down to the street-level.

We check out the players, the places they lived, and hear from people who know them best. We get dirty. We make mistakes. And we have fun.

We’re practicing history without a license — Hit and Run.


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“Buckley tells it in a gritty, let’s-get-our-hands-dirty style.  This approach owes much to Anthony Bourdain, the devil-may-care host of Travel Channel’s culinary adventure program “No Reservations.” Buckley brings the viewer directly to the scenes of historical events by visiting the sites as they are today. He tells the story here and now, himself — and his film crew.”

This is as much about this scrappy band of New England commercial fishermen-turned-filmmakers as it is about the story they are covering. When Buckley pulls out of his narration, cutting to a critique of himself in a previous clip with assistant director Matt Griffin, it underscores the keenness that host and crew share for the subject and the making of their show.”

— The Cape Cod Chronicle


  • 2013 Emmy nominee, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – New England Chapter for Interstitial Video
  • Winner of thirteen Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant
  • Awarded the first-ever Social Media Outreach Grant by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities


Hit and Run History

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