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The Cachupa Edition: Past and Repast Podcast #2

HRH iTunes podcast pic_edited-1The Cachupa Edition. Hosted by Andrew Buckley, Bonnie Hurd Smith, Jay Sheehan and Jamie Horton. Discussing NatGeo‘s “Restless Genes“, then Cape Verde with Barbara Burgo of the Cape Verdean Historical Trust, and sampling of the archipelago nation’s signature dish, Cachupa.

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The Past and Repast Podcast from Hit and Run History. The history discussion podcast, talking about what’s new in what’s old.


Past & Repast Podcast: Which Avenger was Harriet Beecher Stowe?

We started a new podcast! Check it out…

Which Avenger was Harriet Beecher Stowe?

Hit and Run History‘s pilot episode of our new audio podcast, hosted by Andrew Buckley, Ed O’Toole and Michelle Barclay. Discussing American Experience’s “The Abolitionists” on PBS, then geotagging and curating to historical coherency online with Historypin and guest Jon Voss, and a taste of 19th-century New England Indian pudding with Kathleen Wall of Plimoth Plantation.

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